Today I had to answer this simple question – what’s the coolest development platform out there right now?
This is how I did this.

Well, I think mobile application development is going to be huge. This is where we’re heading to. If we look back at a few past decades there is a huge growth in computational power, the devices become more powerful at the same time shrinking in size.
More and more people use smartphones these days and we’ll see new ways of using them in the future.
If we look at the technology in mobile space today then there are more or less 2-3 platforms: iPhone, Android and Blackberry. iPhone has a big customer base, Android is catching up and supported by Google.
My recent experience with the iPhone development has been positive in terms of technology. It’s a good platform, the API is clean and consistent, great documentation from Apple and powerful language (Objective-C). Objective-C of course has it’s own drawbacks but overall it’s a great language and it’s kind of sad it’s not so popular. So, for me it’s iPhone and mobile application development in general.

What’s your take on this? Как бы вы ответили на этот вопрос?