Lately I’ve been doing some iPhone development and found it quite interesting and fascinating. I’ve learned a lot about Objective-C, Cocoa Touch and the platform itself. It’s a good experience and I’m glad I left Java aside for a little bit and took a closer look at how things are done on Mac.

I’ve written two iPhone applications and here I’m going to be marketing them. :) But it wouldn’t be fair if I only did that, so in next few posts I’m going to talk more about implementation, math and the rest. Stay tuned.

WikiEye screenshot

Meanwhile have a look at the applications

  • WikiEye – shows Wikipedia articles around you using augmented reality. (Promo codes: 3PJR7K7LM3NX 6E696TJH4M43 HMFLL6EXJ9FT XAH7PJE464F7 E7FE6J3LFHJJ )
  • Facemosaic – uses OpenCV framework for face detection, captures faces of your friends and splits them into different parts randomly. The result is unexpected and rather funny to see. :)