I was in vacation last two weeks. My macbook was deliberately left at home, because I want to rest from the world of HiTech — that was vacation, right? Indeed, I left the HiTech world, but dive into the hard world on ordinary user. As you may assume I had access to computers and to be honest at most times against my will. As IT guy (do not confuse with It girl) I was forced to help people around with their computer problems.

The computer world of ordinary user is hard. The first problem is viruses. That was nightmare! Being *nix adept for a long time I completely forgot the “virus” word. In the hard world viruses are around. The anti-virus solutions are diverse, can’t live with each other, need constant internet connection to update their bases and internet connection supplies you with new viruses again and again. Having no internet connection is death — the first USB drive with doc/xls/jpg files from you friend and you have a trojan.

The second problem is LCD monitors. Yes, LCD monitors — that simple. Impressing number of users set 1024×768 on 15/17 inch displays while the native resolution is 1280×1024! You can imagine the quality of the picture! I simply can’t understand that. Is the ordinary user blind? Don’t they just care? And finally some of them buy modern and stylish widescreen monitors and set 4:3 ratio. Hard, hard world :(

I was simply happy back to my laptop! Wish you only positive impressions during your vacation :)