1. You’ll be enjoying coding in Vim more if you use all of your ten fingers for typing. So do learn 10-finger typing.
  2. You want to stay as close to the home row as possible and stay away from INSERT mode as much as possible. The home row is where all asdfghjkl; symbols are.
  3. Learn new commnads one by one. Don’t try to learn everything at once it’s hard and you may be disappointed. So better keep writing new commands in some place as you learn them. Keep your own cheat sheet.
  4. Configure Vim for your needs. Edit Xml or HTML? Install Xml plugin. Got accustomed to TextMate snippets? Install snippet plugin. Want to be able to wrap text to tags or quotes? Install surround plugin. Edit a bunch of files? Install Project plugin. Want to see open files and navigate in tabs like manner? Install minibuffer plugin. Want better syntax highlighting? Choose it.
  5. Experiment with learned commands. You’ll be amazed how much you can do combining them together.
  6. Learn macros. This is very handy tool for repeating tasks.
  7. Enjoy your Vim coding! ;)