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I started writing an internal blog at Amazon.com in summer 2004. It wasn’t (and isn’t) endorsed by Amazon; it’s just my personal blog, where I wrote whatever was on my mind, usually at home late at night after a few glasses of wine. I did this for about a year, and wound up with about 50 articles, essays, and unstructured tirades. It was fun. People inside the company knew it was all in fun, and none of us took it very seriously.


  1. Tour de Babel – Тур по языкам программирования :)

    You just have to know C. Why? Because for all practical purposes, every computer in the world you’ll ever use is a Von Neumann machine, and C is a lightweight, expressive syntax for the Von Neumann machine’s capabilities…
    C++ is the dumbest language on earth, in the very real sense of being the least sentient. It doesn’t know about itself. It is not introspective…
    Java is simultaneously the best and the worst thing that has happened to computing in the past 10 years…

  2. Google’s Secret Weapon – Интересные мысли насчет поиска кадров.

    We do a lot of recruiting, here at Ye Olde Amazonne Headquarteres, and we’ve learned a ton about it in the past few years. Many of our lessons have been through trial and error….
    A UW student I just interviewed told me that his friend did an Intel internship this summer, and hated it so much that he turned down a fairly lucrative full-time offer from them. The friend said he’s convinced that an Intel employee wrote the screenplay for the movie Office Space. Not only do people there have 5 or 6 bosses to report to, which is bad enough; they actually have TPS reports, and everyone has to do them. And when they change the cover page format, a memo goes out letting everyone know…

  3. You Should Write Blogs – Почему надо блоггить :)

    Even if nobody reads them, you should write them. It’s become pretty clear to me that blogging is a source of both innovation and clarity. I have many of my best ideas and insights while blogging. Struggling to express things that you’re thinking or feeling helps you understand them better…

  4. Singleton Considered Stupid – Очень забавная статья. Must read :)

    Here’s what most people got out of Design Patterns: “blah blah blah blah SINGLETON blah blah blah blah”. I kid you not. I’ve seen this so many times that it’s become a full-fledged pattern in its own right; patterns need a name, so let’s call it the Simpleton Pattern….
    Why is the Singleton so attractive? I’ll be the first to admit: I liked it too. No, scratch that – I loved the Singleton. It felt like an old friend from the moment I laid eyes on it. It was simple and beautiful. I’ll tell you why: it’s because the Singleton pattern is a throwback to non-OO programming. It’s a lifeline for people who didn’t understand a single word that the Gang of Four were trying to say. I don’t know how it got in there in the first place – some political OOPSLA pressure, no doubt – but it doesn’t belong in there. It’s Evil.

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